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Software development


We like challenges and projects where we can get involved at the very beginning of the creative process. A digital presence is essential for every business, therefore not only in creating a website, but also in the development and automation of certain processes and data processing. For us, a satisfied customer in the long term is the most important thing, so in the case of the mobile applications we create, we always examine the needs of the users and jointly analyze and prioritize them with our customers. 

If you only need information or guidance in relation to a project under development, contact us for thematic advice after learning about it!

Coding Station


| app and software development, in AGILE  and SCRUM system |

  • unique software development

  • mobile/web app

  • AI engineering

  • Big Data analysis

  • data-driven operation

  • automation

  • network control

  • corporate systems support


Network switch
Brick Wall

Visualpower Ltd

  • network and IT services

  • commerce

  • education

  • visual design

István Örkény Theater

  • stream studio

  • system integration, design

  • creation of an optical star network 


  • WYSIWYG design station (Main Stage)

  • Stage lighting services


  • IT trade

  • Network building

  • modeling, design

Special Event Ltd. - OTP Arena

  • 3D visual design

  • technical management 

Special Effect kft 

  • Video technical services

Renegade X

  • Network infrastructure installation

Budapest Operetta Theatre

  • NDI studio

  • system integration, design

  • creation of optical and ethernet backbone network 

Omega Sound and Light

  • Scene design

  • Lighting services

Colossal Ltd.

  • Resolume media server hardware upgrade

Mogástér Online Sports Association

  • App development
    (Android, iOS)

Sugarloaf band on tour 2022

  • lighting and visual technical services 

and many others...

Old World Map

Dávid Koók

  • sw/hw development

  • sales, project management


Ferenc Varga 

  • product design, development

  • lighting, visual design


Thank You!

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