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Movement space  by ME Club

The purpose of the development of the Mozgástér application is to support the sports activities of the members of the ME Club by including functions that are specifically intended for the members of the club. 

Already from the first stage of software development, users in the app have the opportunity to find sports facilities in the country and receive useful information about them. This information not only contains the address and contact information of the facilities, but also the sports opportunities that can be practiced there. In addition, they can receive professional support from sports professionals who can help you create a complete training program, even starting from scratch, in a specific sport.


Sports experts can be asked within the application, via the chat interface designed for this purpose.


In the application's calendar, you can search for various competitions and events, you can see their entry fees and discounts for ME club members.

In addition to all this, a knowledge base also helps sports lovers.

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